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New apps, web searches, daily updates - mobile ad marketing takes on stronger leads in today's search world. 

Many users still have a desktop, but many more have, in the recent years begun to switch to more convenient options when it comes to usability and a shift towards smartphones. The number of mobile users continually outnumber PC users on the go. With 50% of smart phone users making a conversion within a day compared to only 34% of those on a computer or tablet. Targeting the right users locally enables businesses to reach more users faster with higher potential of conversions. 

Mobile ad marketing has changed for most major search engines in the past few years. With a wider few ranking the SEO of your website based on whether or not the websites is mobile responsive to fit on different types of devices. Today at Zeal88 we are able to help you target different types of ad users through various social networking channels to have your brand reach further than ever. 

At Zeal88 we can assure that every website we develop are mobile responsive. Our individualized services help your business perform above industry standards as we help design, implement and launch your mobile ad campaigns. Data analysis is also available to help profile, outline and create A/B testing for future delivery and ad creation. 

At Zeal88 we are able to provide custom data analysis for your mobile ad marketing campaigns. Our strategies have great potential for creating more traffic and business conversions.  

Mobile First Design

At Zeal88 we ensure that user experience is our priority and focused. iPhones, Galaxy's most mobile smartphones.

Accurate Targeting

Our data analysis is able to provide more potential for your mobile ad marketing and bring in more successful business conversions. 

SMS Campaings

We use a cross-channel approach that integrates various mobile channels including SMS mobile marketing campaigns.

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